Hire a Topsail Island Photographer for Family Beach Portraits

Bacon is the Sun! Topsail Island Photographer Chris Van Atta

Now booking 2020 Summer family beach portraits. if you have been seeking a professional photographer to document your family reunion at Topsail Beach or Surf City Beach, we are here to help.

For the past 10 years I we have been serving Topsail Island beached with exceptional family beach photos. We know the tried and trued locations, beast times of day for specific locations to assure you the confidence of a amazing final product.

Covid-19 is currently the hot topic at the present moment. We are all hoping that this time will pass and that you and your family will be here visiting us at the island soon. I hope this post finds everyone well and in god health. Let us know if we can serve you for this years summer fun in the sun at Topsail Island with a family beach portrait session that will keep you coming back year after year.

Hire a Topsail Island Photographer

Photographer for Family Photos Topsail Island

Seeking a photographer for your 2018 Topsail Summer Vacation?

Look no further. We have been servicing Topsail & North Topsail beaches with family photography for the past 8 years. We know what our clients desire and we know how to deliver.

Large group photos taken, Mini family photo sessions, Family reunions, we have your family vacation at Topsail Island covered with quality, quantity, and of course color popping photos for your walls.

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Family Beach Portrait Photographer

Topsail Family Beach Portrait Photographer

Welcome home to the beach!

We love creating photos on the beach for small families with babies & children running around playing near the seashore. Often at times we photograph large multiple family beach reunions with folks coming together for their grandparents anniversaries with all the grandchildren together can be very exciting! Choosing to have your family beach portraits taken during these times is a brilliant idea for those keepsake, heirloom, photos, and memories to be shared.

Our family portraits are fluid, spirited, interactive & we strive to meet all your photo requests. We have multiples beaches to choose from like Topsail Beach, Surf City Beach & North Topsail Beach that are connected. Each having prime locations that we have discovered over the years that work best. We will work with you on deciding the best location, time & day to suite your needs.

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We truly love being photographers, we love the beach, and sharing our craft with you. You can fill our contact form out on the page above. Let us know your arrival & departure dates also the size of family or how many folks total will be in the family beach portrait session.

Family Beach Photos

Family Beach Photos

We enjoy photographing & creating family beach photos for our visiting family vacationers.

Our family photography sessions are simple, fresh, fluid and keeps families coming back year after year to have another photo session with our team.

Our Service area covers North Topsail Island, Surf City & of course All of Topsail Island Beaches.

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Sunset Photo of Swing Bridge Topsail Island

Panoramic Sunset Photo Swing Bridge Topsail Island North Carolina

Swing Bridge Topsail Island

This sunset panoramic photograph of Topsail Island Swing Bridge is one Image of a series of photos taken last year near Surf City beach.

As you might already know, the swing bridge will not be with us much longer. Many of you have been coming to Topsail island over the years, for some decades, might really appreciate this panoramic photo taken of the historical bridge. It is a beautiful piece of fine art photography to hang on the wall of your beach house.  It can be purchased is many sizes up to 6’ft by 8’ft.  Canvas prints can be made to order or our ever popular custom frame photos that vacationers & homeowners have come to love.

Sunsets here on Topsail Island , Surf City, North Topsail beach can be spectacular. Especially when the right technique, camera, lens quality and technical know how can create a masterpiece of a photograph like the Swing Bridge above at Topsail Island NC. Remember our favorite historical landmarks here on the Island. Support our local vendors and artist. Purchase local.

For more information about Swing Bridge Photography you can follow the links below to galleries and substrates that you can have your photos mounted on.


Family Reunion

Family Reunion Beach Photography

Topsail Island NC


Large family reunion beach photography is one of our photo specialties. When the summer season arrives every year so is the gathering of family and friends to Topsail Beach. Reunion photo sessions need not to be stressful. Our years of experience working with large families should give you peace of mind that you will have those treasured photos you are seeking!

Large Family Reunion Topsail Island

Families Gathered together at the beach to have their photos taken.

Our photo sessions are fluid & interactive. There will be many images taken of large group as a whole. Grandparents and all the grandkids, just about every combination you can think of. There will also be mini photo portrait sessions for each family that is part of the reunion as a whole. Individual photos will be taken also if requested.

We have the confidence in our skills being hired as a family reunion photographer because we have invested in the proper camera equipment to get the job done right..

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Family Vacation Photography

Topsail Island Family Vacation Photography


Topsail Island NC is a popular family vacation destination for those families seeking a beachfront oasis along the seashores of Topsail beaches.

Having your family photos taken by a local professional photographer can truly highlight your family vacation memories.

Our family beach portrait photo sessions are simply fluid, fun, do not take very long and we assure you that it will not take away from your family vacation for more than a hour of your time.

Within our given time to take your family vacation photos, we will start out with a giant group shot of all the folks attending the portrait session.  We then will break it down into smaller family units being sure to each family within the setting will have their own mini photo portrait taken on the beach.

We will then take requests for photos we may have missed or photography ideas you might have to make your experience & take away a much rewarding, satisfying time together.

Of course there is much more to our family photography mentioned above, rest assured there will be many variables of images captured.  So when you come to Topsail Island for your family vacation, and think about photography. Please contact us and let us spend some time together.

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Beach Wedding Photos

Beach Wedding Photos Topsail Island Beaches

Couture bridal Portrait near a Dogwood tree

sunset photo of bride & groom near Topsail island NC

Photographing beach weddings is one of our primary photography services here on Topsail Island.

Our wedding service areas cover North Topsail Island, Surf City Beaches & Topsail Island NC and beyond!

With years of experience creating beach wedding photos on the island. You can feel confident we have you covered with our photography skills.

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Swing Bridge Topsail Aerial Photo for Sale

Topsail Island Swing Bridge Photography

For Sale


Topsail Island Swing Bridge Photo from the air

We all love the Swing Bridge at Topsail Island North Carolina. This iconic swing bridge has become a household name here at the island.

Reminder!!! up to 20×60 inches this photograph can be Printed.

Some hate to talk about the future of this Iconic Swing Bridge! I know I am part of that close knit family of locals that will feel a loss when it will be no longer. I am passionate about sharing my photography & photos captured of intimate portrait sessions I have been working envier the years of our beloved historic bridge. She has brought so many vacationers, families, locals, couples, travelers, artists, surfers, to the shores of our Island.

I am moved in my spirit to share those photo sessions with the souls seeking to have a fine art photograph of the Topsail Swing Bridge in their home, office or rental property.

Each image is signed and framed with love!  Various sizes available for purchase.  Popular are our large panoramic photography that looks fantastic over the couches in your home to share with those you invite into your abode.