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When I here this word said I think of a magical place where the beaches are rustic, wild, and provide much treasure to be found in its sands. Seashells, Sea Glass, & sharks teeth.

Surf City Fishing pier comes to mind. Scotch Bonnet, New River Inlet pier, Jolly Roger, Barnacle Bills and the new Seaview fishing pier. The memories I have spending on some of those piers as a teenager still bring joy to my heart.


I think of the surfing we used to do & bodyboarding of some epic days with long ago friends. Some forever etched in my memory of experiencing very large waves, swelling up in the horizon as we prepared for another epic ride down the face of the wave. In hopes to get a sweet barrel or tube at the end of the ride.


I think of early walks on its shores. Midday summer rains smoothing the ocean at times to what seemed like glass.

Crabbing, shrimping, jet skies, even some fond memories of beach house parties.

Hurricanes, grief, joy, new friends, and times shared with old ones. markets, art, food, sea turtle hatches & ghost crab hunts.

High rise bridge, & our famous Surf City swing bridge.

Thank you Topsail, for giving me so many years of wonder & joy.